Company outline

Progression and change of technology development continue with a rapidly advancing pace.

Tremendous amount of concentration and power are required to deal with such progression and change.

New demands and reliability will be created along with transition of such technology. We, at OSAKI CORPORATION, never stop offering new “Proposals” and “creation” in order to support such technology development. For sale of various products, providing necessary information / technology / service and also the after-sales service, we wish to remain the company that meets demands of all sorts of customers.

Until now and hereafter, we continue to contribute to the modern society as a trading company of parts for industrial machines that delivers the true reliableness.

We have been supplying machinery parts to the market for many years. With the know-how from our knowledge and experiences achieved by serving as a conduit between customer and supplying manufacturers, we aim to contribute to the innovation of the machine industry by proposing ideas with flexible thought outside the box.