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🤓✨ #แนะนำสินค้าเทปทนความร้อน – Teflon Tape AGF-100FR, CHUKOH
เทปรุ่นมาตรฐานขายดีสำหรับใช้งานกับเครื่องซีลความร้อนโดยเฉพาะหรือที่เรียกกันว่าเทปผ้าซีล เนื่องจากผิวของเทปจะมีลายนูนตามลายของผ้าใยแก้ว
คุณสมบัติ AGF-100FR
✅ ไม่เกาะติดผิว ลอกออกง่ายไม่ทิ้งคราบกาว(non-stick) มีความลื่น
✅ ทนสารเคมีและน้ำไม่ซึมผ่าน
✅ ใช้เป็นฉนวนไฟฟ้า กันความร้อน
✅ มีความคงตัวของขนาดดีเยี่ยม แม้ใช้งานในสภาวะที่อุณหภูมิสูง
✅ ใช้กับอุณหภูมิตั้งแต่ -60℃ 〜 +200℃
📍 ติดบนแถบซีลที่เครื่องซีลถุง, เครื่องซีลสุญญากาศ, เครื่อง Form Fill, Blister Pack
📍 ใช้ติดบนบริเวณที่ต้องการใช้คุณสมบัติการไม่เกาะติดผิวและมีความลื่นเรียบ
📍 ใช้หุ้มเป็นฉนวนไฟฟ้า กันความร้อน
📌 ความหนา : 0.13mm, 0.15mm, 0.18mm, 0.30mm
💥 ราคาพิเศษ, มีสต็อกพร้อมส่ง
สนใจเทปทนความร้อน AGF-100FR หรือเทปกาวอุตสาหกรรมอื่นๆ
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Credit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PQCa0LzCGPI
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Catalog Click Here :  AGF-100FR_T201901


CHUKOH AGF-100FR Tape: A Versatile Solution for Demanding Applications

When superior bonding strength and exceptional durability are paramount, CHUKOH AGF-100FR tape emerges as a top contender. Specifically, this high-performance acrylic foam tape is designed for bonding and mounting applications facing challenging conditions. In other words, it excels in demanding environments where resistance to harsh elements and long-term reliability are critical. To achieve this, this double-sided tape combines a conformable acrylic foam core with a unique adhesive system, ultimately delivering consistent performance across a wide temperature range.

Unmatched Bonding and Durability

  • Exceptional Adhesion: First and foremost, AGF-100FR exhibits exceptional peel and shear adhesion. This ensures strong, lasting bonds even on dissimilar materials. Consequently, it eliminates the need for mechanical fasteners, leading to cleaner and more aesthetically pleasing designs.

  • Built to Last: Moreover, this tape showcases remarkable resistance to a multitude of challenges. These include weathering, UV exposure, moisture, chemicals, and extreme temperatures. As a result of this resilience, it is a perfect choice for demanding outdoor environments or applications involving harsh chemicals.

  • Conformability for Secure Bonds: Furthermore, the conformable acrylic foam core readily adapts to irregular surfaces and textures. This, in turn, ensures complete contact and a secure bond, even on curved or textured substrates. Consequently, it eliminates air gaps and stress points, further enhancing bond strength and durability.

Enhanced Safety and Versatility

  • Meeting Safety Standards: Significantly, AGF-100FR meets UL94 V-0 flammability standards. This makes it suitable for applications where fire safety is paramount. Therefore, this feature provides an added layer of safety, particularly in industries with strict fire regulations.

  • Spanning Diverse Industries: In addition to its safety features, this tape finds its place in a wide array of industries. These include automotive, electronics, construction, and signage. Essentially, it excels in bonding diverse materials, showcasing its versatility in tackling various bonding challenges.

Common Applications: Where AGF-100FR Excels

  • Automotive Assembly: For instance, it's ideal for bonding exterior and interior trim, emblems, spoilers, and lightweight body panels. This contributes to improved aesthetics and reduced vehicle weight.

  • Electronics Manufacturing: Similarly, AGF-100FR securely attaches lenses, displays, touchscreens, and battery packs in electronic devices, ensuring long-term reliability.

  • Construction and Building: Likewise, this tape offers a robust solution for mounting mirrors, signs, panels, and architectural elements. It provides a strong, weather-resistant, and aesthetically pleasing alternative to mechanical fasteners.

  • General Industrial Applications: Finally, it excels in bonding and mounting various materials in demanding industrial settings. To clarify, this includes environments with vibration, temperature fluctuations, and exposure to chemicals or moisture.

A Reliable Solution for Demanding Needs

In conclusion, CHUKOH AGF-100FR tape represents a highly reliable solution for demanding bonding and mounting applications. Its exceptional bonding strength, remarkable durability, and ability to withstand harsh conditions make it an ideal choice across a multitude of industries seeking high-performance adhesive solutions.

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